Madrid Holiday Apartments

As an alternative to staying in a hotel many families, and especially those travelling with children, prefer to stay in an apartment.

In Madrid there are plenty of short term let holiday apartments to choose from. There are also a number of apart-hotels available for those who prefer the combination of the self-catering apartment with quality hotel services.

It is furthermore important to investigate the exact location of the apartment, not only to find out if it is in an area you would want to stay in, but also if it is close to where you want to be, or convenient for public transportation, shopping, restaurants etc.

You can book your holiday apartment through an agency or direct with the owners. There are many search engines for both alternatives. If you book through an agency, it is usually more expensive, but the agency will normally guaranty the standard and the equipment of the apartment. If you book direct with the owner you only has his word for the standard of the apartment.


Before you book remember among other things to investigate:

  • Time of arrival and check out

  • Any requirements to pay a deposit to be returned at departure.

  • The number of guest who are allowed to stay at the apartment.

  • If pets are allowed.

  • Sometimes children are not allowed.

  • The requirements for cleaning and washing at check out. Who does it and at what price.

  • Insurance cover if anything gets damaged while you stay in the apartment.

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